Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Favorite Book from Childhood

It has eluded me for a long time but I finally found it through the power of google. One of my favorite picture books from childhood was about a girl who had a messy room. For years I couldn't remember the name but I found it yesterday after googling "children's book, girl, messy room." And ta dah.... it's called The Big Tidy-Up by Norah Smaridge, illustrated by Les Gray.

I remember loving this book so much and wearing out my copy which I lost a long time ago. Yesterday, I was browsing Amazon for books for my kids and this book came to mind. I'm glad I found it however it's now out of print and second hand copies range in price from 50 to 400 US dollars. Imagine that! I also found out there's a boy's version by the same author but with a different illustrator but I couldn't find images of the inside of the book.

Here's an excerpt from Amazon:

JENNIFER KNEW, AS well as you
That everything has its place,
But she just didn’t care a whit, a bit,
So her room was a real disgrace!

Jennifer's room was a mess! "Her shoe was askew on the windowsill. Her scarf was under the bed. Her beautiful box-to-keep-ribbons-in was full of old junk instead." When Jennifer's mother peeks in the room, she is shocked. "You must like to live in this mess, I guess," she said and told Jennifer that she would not touch the room with a mop and broom from now until Christmas Day. And she hung a sign on Jennifer's door that said KEEP OUT! At first Jennifer had a lovely time. She left things wherever they fell. She kept pie under her pillow. And little by little the room grew into a fusty, dusty, musty mess. Jennifer could not find socks that matched. Not one of her shirts was clean. And her hairbrush was gone so her unbrushed hair stuck out all over head. Poor Jennifer. What should she do? Run away? Or work and work for most of the day until her room was as neat as a pin and she could hang up a sign that said COME IN?

Have you heard of The Big Tidy-Up? And what are your favorite books from childhood? I'd love to hear them so leave a comment below. Cheers!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Dead Zone by Stephen King

I really thought I would like this but just like The Shining, The Dead Zone by Stephen King was a disappointment for me. What sounded like a great story - man wakes up after five years in a coma with psychic powers - started very well but lost steam in the middle as several sub-plots were added. I ended up skimming the rest of the book. I've heard that this is one case where the movie (starring Christopher Walken and directed by David Cronenberg) was better than the book. However, I'm still not over my Stephen King phase since I'm now reading Salem's Lot.

For more on Stephen King, check out the  Stephen King project hosted by Natalie from Coffee and a Book Chick and  Kathleen from Boarding In My Forties.
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