Saturday, July 24, 2010

Juliet, Naked

A new Nick Hornby novel is always something to look forward to and when I saw his latest novel Juliet, Naked at the Schipol airport in Amsterdam, I grabbed it. I remember reading A Long Way Down a few years ago on a long-haul flight and laughing out loud so much. I think Hornby is perfect for a plane ride or for long sleepless jet-lagged nights.

Juliet, Naked doesn't disappoint. I loved its unique plot. Annie and Duncan have been together for fifteen years and Annie is suddenly realizing she wants out. Duncan has been rather obsessed with an obscure singer, Tucker Crowe, for years. In fact, obsessed is an understatement. He maintains a website, connects with fans on forums from all over the world and even drags the unwilling Annie to the United States on a Tucker Crowe pilgrimage visiting famous restrooms, ex-girlfriends homes, bars and what-nots. Annie would much rather be walking the streets of San Francisco like a real tourist for a change. As soon as they're back home in their little village of Gooleness, Duncan has an affair and Annie decides to end the relationship. Just before she does, a new album of old acoustic recordings by Tucker Crowe  titled Juliet, Naked is released. Both Annie and Duncan then write contrasting reviews on the website resulting in Tucker contacting Annie. Saying more will spoil the fun but you can imagine why this was an enjoyable read. As usual, Hornby is spot on with his characters and their dialogue. Although this book isn't his best, it's still quite entertaining.


  1. I've had mixed luck with Nick Hornby's books, but I might give this one a try. The title is great.

  2. i was looking forward to this because I loved High Fidelity and I heard this was also about music. But then so many bad reviews.. I don't know who to believe..

    If I'd loved all Hornby's novels I would'nt care. Unfortunately, I really didn't like A Long Way Down (not the story but the writing, felt forced).

    I feel glad that you liked it.. gives me one more reason to finally read it.

  3. I loved High Fidelity. I've read mixed reviews of this as well. I might have to give it a try but I'm a bit hesitant..

  4. I've read a few of Nick Hornby's books and have been eyeing this one at the library...might give it a go!

  5. Great review Astrid! I love Nick Hornby, especially High Fidelity, but also About a Boy and another one I forge the name of...must try this one!

  6. I really enjoyed this one. I read mixed reviews, but Hornby is so superior to most writers when it comes to humor that I was not disappointed.

    Perhaps it's a little more serious than some of them. I thought A Long Way Down had greater depth than his earlier work, but all of it is good.

  7. I love Hornby's books and really liked this one. I love the idea of poking fun at people who take music so seriously.

  8. I've been contemplating whether or not I should get myself this book by Hornby. I've read most of his work, but I heard this got bad reviews. Reading your review, its seems promising. Might as well check this out.


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