NYRB Reading Week (update)

Here's a short update for those of you participating in the NYRB Reading Week from November 7 to 13. We've received word from our main sponsor, Fully Booked, that Random House Inc.. is also supporting us in our plans and they've donated more books for us to include as prizes! This is excellent news as we now have five books to give away. Thanks so much to Fully Booked for making this happen.

Here are the books that Fully Booked and Random House will be giving out as prizes. Click on the links to get a synopsis of each book at the Fully Booked website.

1. Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi
Link: http://www.fullybookedonline.com/productdetails.asp?id=8168
2. The Summer Book by Tove Jansson
Link: http://www.fullybookedonline.com/productdetails.asp?id=8169
3. The Wedding of Zein by Tayeb Salih
Link: http://www.fullybookedonline.com/productdetails.asp?id=8170
4. Soul of Wood by Jakov Lind
Link: http://www.fullybookedonline.com/productdetails.asp?id=8171
5. No Tomorrow by Vivant Denon
Link: http://www.fullybookedonline.com/productdetails.asp?id=8172

My co-host Honey (Coffeespoons) and I have decided to choose a favourite review each and to raffle the remaining three books among all those who'll be participating in NYRB week. It's not too late for you to join in because this will be an informal and relaxed reading challenge. There are no rules. Simply read one or more NYRB books during that week and blog about it. If you don't have a blog, then just leave us a link to your review.  

During the week, Honey and I will collate your posts and blog about them. As soon as you've posted one of your reviews, please leave a link in our comments section. Everyone who participates will get a chance to win the prizes.

For a full list of NYRB books, check out their website at: 

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and commented and who have plans to participate. I'm excited to read all your reviews. Thanks for spreading the word. See you all next week!


  1. I'll be joining this, Mrs. B!

    By the way, I bought an NYRB edition on sale last week -- W.H. Auden's Book of Light Verse. It was only Php 200!

  2. I thought I didn't have any NYRB books, but I have The Summer Book (and the Winter Book by Tove Jansson) as well as the unabridged Pinocchio by Collodi. So I can join, hooray!

  3. Hello, I've posted my first review in GatheringBooks for the week: The Bear that Wasn't by Frank Tashlin - http://gatheringbooks.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/nyrb-reading-week-frank-tashlins-the-bear-that-wasnt/

  4. Am I the first to post a review? It's the 7th already here in Melbourne so I've put up my review of Jessica Mitford's Poison Penmanship. Here's the link,
    Thanks for hosting the Reading Week, I hope you get lots of reviews posted & read.

  5. I've posted my review of "The Stray Dog Cabaret" at


    I might summon up the energy for another one, but can't make any promises (or threats).

    Thanks for organizing this. I'm looking forward to seeing all the other submissions.


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