Friday, June 3, 2011

Why Do You Read?

Here's the perfect answer to that exasperating question I'm sure most of you have been asked at one time or another  - "Why do you read?" courtesy of Nancy Pearl, the author of Book Lust.

"...I read to encounter new worlds and new ways of looking at our own world. I read to enlarge my horizons, to gain wisdom, to experience beauty, to understand myself better, and for the pure wonderment of it all. I read and marvel over how writers use language in ways I never thought of."

*The photo is of Marilyn Monroe, who in case you didn't know, was also a bookworm.


  1. when i first read that book, Book Lust, i thought it was worth my money if only for this quote. i never quite knew how to explain why reading is so important to me - until i read these words. they're just perfect.

    (also, hello! i've been following you for a while now, i think through irisonbooks. my name is kim and i'm also from holland (just like iris). hi!)

  2. @winterlief - Hi Kim! It's so nice to meet other book bloggers from your country (I love the Netherlands, it's a beautiful country plus my Mr.B is from there.)
    I agree with what you said about the quote. I'm not so sure about the entire book yet as I'm still reading it. So far, I think she failed to mention a lot of interesting books.

  3. This quote is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I think it was Evelyn Waugh who said, "I write to get the respect of people I respect." Maybe the answer to this particular question is, "I read to get the insight of people I respect."


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