Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner

I absolutely loved Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. This was our book club read for May and I'm so glad it was chosen. (Thanks Monica!) Its been on my radar for years, popping up on book lists that included books I love. I'm sure I made a mental note of it but never really picked it up. Sometimes it takes a book club to finally make you read that book. Can I tell you again why book clubs are marvelous even for us picky readers? We come upon unexpected gems (The Book Thief, Persuasion). We reread books we didn't think much of the first time and then unexpectedly love the second time around (The Great Gatsby, Never Let Me Go). We discuss the lives of the characters we read then digress to our own lives. It's a wonderful experience to be part of such a group. Crossing to Safety resulted in a very interesting and thought-provoking book club discussion. For a quiet novel about ordinary lives, there was surprisingly so much to talk about. Our meeting was last Monday and the conversation is over but I'm still thinking about this lovely, gentle novel.


  1. Your characterization of Crossing to Safety as a "gentle novel" is apt. Such an in-depth look at marriages and personalities, which we can all relate to. The discussion was actually much more involved and exciting than the tone of the book itself! Such a beautifully written novel.

  2. Hi Ana, Yes it is a beautiful novel. It grows on you too. I don't think I'll ever forget it and it's definitely going on the list of favorites. Now I want to read Angle of Repose.

  3. Wow, you make this book sound like a must read. I love the idea of a gentle novel. I'm definitely adding the title to my list. And, you make book clubs sound wonderful - making me wish that I was a part of one. Enjoy your book book club and your reads :)

    1. It is a must read and you'll find it on many best lists.

  4. This has been on my radar for years as well - perhaps I should suggest it at my next book group?!

  5. "a quiet novel about ordinary lives"... I like that, my kind of book (and film). Will keep this in mind.

  6. This was my first Wallace Stegner book (other than my high school English Composition book). I kind of picked it up by accident. But I just loved it. I read it in one afternoon. I just couldn't put it down.

  7. This book was my introduction to Wallace Stegner. Since then, I have read all of his novels with the expception of his first, Lucky Star (I think). I am forever grateful to the women of the Reading Group I was then a member of for bringing me to Mr. Stegner, one of the finest writers I've read.

  8. Stegner has many beautiful little moments of writing in this book that made me pause for a few minutes to fully absorb his rich and subtle storytelling.

    His characters seemed incredibly real and complex and their interactions rang really true; at times I was as uncomfortable reading some of the loaded exchanges as I might be in my own life when dealing with awkward or challenging relationships.

    Irene (Renton's River Adventures, Inc.)


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