Vivian Maier

I've been fascinated with Vivian Maier ever since I first read about her in the internet and saw her breathtaking photographs. It's an incredible story about an artist who hid her work and is now, shortly after her death, getting the kudos she most definitely deserves. It's also a mystery. Who was this woman who worked as a nanny instead of pursuing her passion full-time? Why did she keep her talent a secret? There are so many things we will just never know. The clues may be in the 100,000 plus negatives she left behind, the bulk of which hasn't even been developed yet.

I could summarize her story here but it's all over the internet and many writers have done a thorough job. One of the best articles I've read, was the New Yorker one, link here. If you're still interested after that then do check out the two documentaries about her, Finding Vivian Maier and the BBC's "Imagine" Vivian Maier: Who Took Nanny's Picture? Both are very different yet absorbing and ultimately sad. She died alone in Chicago never knowing that she would soon be hailed as the greatest street photographer of the 20th century.


  1. Wow! Those photographs are amazing! I love the one of the little boy with his arms crossed in front of him. I've heard about the film Finding Vivian Maier in one of my magazines, but wasn't too sure about it. Now I know that I must see it. Thanks! This was such a great post :)

  2. I'm fascinated by her, too. There was a piece on Radio 4 this week about a lawyer who is planning to sue the man who now claimscopyright of her work. Shame it's come to this but her photographs are stunning.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I watched the doc Finding Vivian Maier and it was fascinating. I admit I had not heard of her until I saw the film. I didn't know about the BBC doc either. She was an enigma.

  4. She is one of the best street photographer. She didn't keep her talent as a secret. Maybe she just enjoyed being alone and take photos and discover new scenes in her artistic world of photography. If you those self portrait she took of herself, then you will find an interesting fact. These pictures help me to understand, finally, that Maier isn't invisible, except to us. She was looking at herself all along.


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