#bookaday Days 6 to 10

#6 The one I always give as a gift. 
I can't imagine anyone not loving Wonder by RJ Palacio no matter what their tastes are in books or even if they're a non-reader.

#7 Forgot I owned it. 
A look through my shelves and I spot a book I totally forgot about, Armed with Madness by Mary Butts. It's a super weird book with a bizarre cover to boot.  I bought it in the late 90s just because I liked the blurb....

"In a remote house on the English Channel coast, a group of people, handsome and young are gathered: Scylla Taverner, sometimes a witch and sometimes a bitch, her potential lover Picus, her brother Felix and two other friends. Into their close circle comes Carston, an American curious to see something of England off the regulation road. But the discovery of an ancient jade cup ignites conflicting emotions and they embark on a mystical quest, full of heady promise and violent consequence."

Sounds interesting right? I don't remember finishing this one but maybe I should give it another go. Has anyone read it?

#8 Have more than one copy.
Because of the Lockwoods by Dorothy Whipple. I have a first edition that's just falling apart in this tropical climate so I had a copy made. Here's a picture of both including the original's beautiful endpapers.

#9 Film or TV tie-in.
I don't usually buy books with film or TV tie-in covers. I didn't think I had any but I found one....The End of the Affair by Graham Greene.

#10 Reminds me of someone I love.
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. When I was eight years old, my grandmother gave me this copy of her favorite book, Jane Eyre. I tried it several times but I just couldn't get through the first few pages. I found the red room part so claustrophobic and scary. The language was also difficult for me. I think because of that experience I avoided it for so long. I finally read it at the late age of 29 or 30 when my grandmother was long gone. Of course, I ended up loving the book. I regret that she's not around so I can tell her it's now one of my favorite novels too.


  1. Hi, Mrs B!

    Jane Eyre! I read it just this year! I thought I won't like it because I thought it would be like Jane Austen's novels, which I detest with a passion. But it was a great read! I love Jane because she's so head strong and unafraid to say "no." It's now one of my favorite novels.

  2. I loved Wonder!! Such a great book - I can see why you would give that one away.


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