Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge

I'm excited to join this challenge hosted by C.B. James, Read the Book, See the Movie. It sounds like a lot of fun. Its premise is simple -read a book, see a movie based on the book, include both in your review.

You don't have to write full reviews for both the movie and the book. There are no stringent rules. You can see films you've seen before or read a book again.

For how to join, check out C.B. James' blog here.
I'll probably join at the Saturday Movie Marathon level, four books and four movies. I haven't decided yet which ones they'll be. But one will definitely be Little Women.

Have you heard of this challenge? Are you participating and what books/movies have you chosen?


  1. I heard about this challenge last week and plan to join... will get my challenge posts together after Christmas. Little Women is an excellent choice!

  2. I'll be doing the same level right along with you:) I look forward to seeing the other book/movie combinations you choose as well as reading the Little Women review. Enjoy! (The only one I have settled on so far is Revolutionary Road.)


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